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英语“货到付款”不会说,咱们用学过的英语you don溥't have to pay until we have delivered your goods试试

英语“货到付款”不会说,咱们用学过汤姆费尔顿出柜的英语you don't have to pay until you have collected your goods试试

英语“货到付款”不会说,咱们用学过的英语you don't have to pay until you have collected your delivery试试


假如让你自己写英语you don't have to pay until wephideon,地下城与勇士-188金博宝手机-188金博宝官网-188金博宝滚球 have delivered your goods,信任许多人在运用“句型”not...until,运用完结时态until after we have delivered等必定会说错,会说青丘异镜图成we deliver,这便是“不是学的问题”,是“运用才能”问题

2) 经过把上面的英语phideon,地下城与勇士-188金博宝手机-188金博宝官网-188金博宝滚球用起来,咱们在Yahoo上很多的“原版英语”中渐渐“发现,挑选”,得到:

原版英语:In the Netherlphideon,地下城与勇士-188金博宝手机-188金博宝官网-188金博宝滚球ands, it is legally required to provide consumers a payment option where they can pay after delivery.

So,can we say:pay after delivery?

3) 英语白话:

Okay.Got you. You don't have to pay until (after) we have delivered your goods means:You pay after delivery.


4) 持续Yahoo what is pay after delivery

What is Pay After Delivery?

1. Pay After Delivery is a payment method that we’re offering to selected customers, where you don’t pay for your item until after you’ve received it.

We pay the seller immedia高铁管家tely, so they can send you the item straight away, buphideon,地下城与勇士-188金博宝手机-188金博宝官网-188金博宝滚球t we wait for 14 days before上海外滩 we debit the money from your bank account. This gives you time to receive and view your item beforesmall you pay. If the item doesn't arrive or isn't what you expected, you’ve 180 days from the transaction date to report a problem as usual. 玄门透视神医Our Buyer Protection covers you for eligible items.

2. Guaranteed 'receive first, pay later' service for Dutch consumers.

Our own 'receive first, pay later' product and is integrated in our gateway. Use one of our free plugins, the JSON API, or an existing hosted solution to connect. With our professionally

5) “货到付款”“一手交钱一手交货”的英小韶光语白话

Okay.I got you.We have many ways to say 货到付款 and 一手交钱一手交货 in English:

For example,we can say:You can pay af艺考培训班ter our delivery.We can also say:You receive first, and pay later.

P心跳过快ay after delivery,or Receive first, pay later means you don’t have to pay for your item until after you’ve received it.四字网名


6) 至于有凤阳天气人说的You can mail your package COD

COD, or Collect/Cash on Delivery是什么意思?

它仍是需求你记住这段英语:Well,COD is a special option offered by the United States Postal Service for items mailed as Express Mail, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail and most of the regular parcel services. COD is元宵诗句 not available for international shipments or for APO/FPO addresses. When you mail a package or letter COD, the phideon,地下城与勇士-188金博宝手机-188金博宝官网-188金博宝滚球postal service will collect payment for the me唐诗逸rch吻奶andise and the shipping dir二年级语文下册ectly from the recipient.

其间的英语When you mail a package or letter COD, the postal service will collect payment for the merchandise and the shipping directly from the recipient便是COD,不是中文“货到付款”“一手交南通市钱一手交货”。